Fanaway 1 LED(图1)

尺寸:121cm/48英寸 (展开)

          47.5cm/19英寸 (收起)






Size:121cm/48inch (fan sweep)

          47.5cm/19inch (collapsed)

Chassis: Metal

Blade: Acrylic

Motor Size: D153*15mm

Motor Wattage: 15-56W

Light Wattage: 1 * Integrated LED included, 40W


Fanaway 1 LED

Fanaway LED 系列,隐形扇叶风扇的先行者, 吊扇与吸顶灯的高度匹配,隐形扇叶的设计堪称风扇设计史上的一个重大发现;风扇运作的时候,扇叶会悠悠旋出,提供习习凉风,风扇不运作时,扇叶徐徐收起,隐藏于吸顶灯上面;抬头目光所及只有一盏优雅的吸顶灯, 风扇LED配2200流明,是精装修住宅、商务公寓、阳台、休闲会客室的装修选择。 

Fanaway LED series is the pioneer of invisible fan blade. The height of ceiling fan and ceiling lamp matches. The design of invisible fan blade can be called a major discovery in the history of fan design; When the fan is in operation, the fan blades will spin out slowly to provide cool wind. When the fan is not in operation, the fan blades will be slowly retracted and hidden above the ceiling lamp; Looking up, there is only an elegant ceiling lamp, fan led with 2200 lumens, which is the decoration choice for fine decoration of residence, business apartment, balcony and leisure meeting room.